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Happiness is a Drascombe! Stewart on the helm of a Drifter 22. Great picture by David Harding for PBO.

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The boat we have taken to the Show is a Longboat built for Rutland Sailability & fitted out for use by people with disabilities.













On 08.01.14, with a good gathering of people from Rutland, HRH Princess Anne visited our stand & performed the naming ceremony.

The boat was named for the lady who is Patron of Rutland Sailability & whose family trust provided a significant contribution towards the cost.

There were plenty of smiles from the people that will get to sail her when the sun shines & it was a very nice way to start the fun.


Despite all the taxes & the traumas, the Drascombe smile per pound ratio remains very high. Time on the water is cheap, the wind is free! Happiness is priceless.

Having once bought your boat, the costs in use are quite modest. There are still a lot of places where you can launch & recover for free. On a good day's sailing, you may only use the engine for under an hour so 5 litres of fuel will last you a long time. A bit of rowing can save even that small amount of fuel & keep you fit in the process. Maintenance costs on the boat & equipment are very low.

Although the costs are low, the enjoyment levels can be very high. The sheer joy of sailing is reason enough on its own but you might also do a bit of fishing. Most of your catch can be eaten. There is nothing tastier than a fresh fish you have just caught yourself. Take along some olive oil, lemon juice & black pepper or mixed herbs & pop your catch in the frying pan. A disposable BBQ is a cheap way of adding to the adventure. Even cheaper is to hang your fish from a twig over a small wood fire, Ray Mears style.

Picture by Andy Cooper - who also ate the fish!

(As Mackerel is a very oily fish, you don't need extra oil. Recommended recipe: Fillet the Mackerel, place the fillets, skin down, in a very hot, dry pan with lots of pepper. When almost cooked through, flip over for 30 seconds. I am looking forward to being out under sail again & catching them. There is no truth in the rumour that Rick Stein is going to start selling Drascombes!)

On a feeder cruise to a Chichester Rally, Stewart caught a Garfish: a strange fish but quite tasty. Unfortunately, between hooking it & landing it, something bigger had several bites out of it so all he got was slimy hands & blood all over his decks!

If finances won't run to a new Drascombe, we always have a selection of pre-owned boats. Either way, you can provide days of enjoyment for yourself, family & friends for very little expense. Buck the trend: enjoy life to the full. Happiness is a Drascombe!


Devon County Show, Exeter. 22 - 24 May 2014. Another predominantly agricultural show - but we are taking a boat. We didn't get a rosette at our local agri-show so we are trying further afield!


Beale Park Boat Show. 06 - 08 June 2014.


Visitors to our yard are always welcome. We are easily accessible by major roads, trains & planes & we have excellent pubs & B&B's locally.



In the finest Drascombe spirit, all owners change & modify their boats - & that includes us!

During the 2011 season, Stewart experimented with booms & twin halyards on Drifter 22's. We are pleased with the outcome, Bolitho11 now has one & so do several other Drifter 22's. Installation Notes notes available by e.mail on request, as too are all the parts required for the conversion. Comments from a converted owner (in both senses!):


'Having the boom added has been great. Pointing higher to the wind is a wonderful advantage. Puffin, taking vigorous exercise, lead the Drascombes down the Tamar from Saltash to Devils Point - whilst not racing, of course. Boom, boom! I have also found the rig much easier for reefing in open water, single handed sailing generally & quicker sail reduction/dousing coming into port or anchorage. Just thought you would like to know that, although I already thought the Drifter 22 was excellent, it has transformed it! Thank you.'





Whilst Stewart has been in the cockpit sorting out the boom & tackle, another owner, Michel Maartens, has been up the front end creating the Drascombe Drifter 22 Cutter. The staysail is a hanked on jib from a Drascombe Gig. The tack is shackled to the stemhead & is set flying on a halyard. Sheeting is to another pair of sliding bullseyes on the jibsheet tracks. Much fun but little objective data yet acquired.










Although we export boats & parts anywhere in the world, to make it easier to obtain & maintain a Drascombe we have appointed distributors:

Holland & Belgium

Michel Maartens at Drascombe Nederland

Post:  P.O.Box 475, 1270 AL  HUIZEN

Yard: Kabelweg 1, dok 11, 1271 AN  HUIZEN

T: 035 683 05 15
F: 084 220 04 25

e.mail: info@drascombe.nl


AATEXX, Pole d'activite "La Laiterie", 21 Rte Sainte Marie, 50630 Quettehou, FRANCE.

Fabrice Lahaye is the Commercial Director.

T: 02 50 70 00 30

F: 02 72 22 12 42

e.mail: info@aatexx.com

website: www.drascombe-france.com


Dick Collins at Glounthaune Marine Ltd., Glounthaune, County Cork, IRELAND

T: 021 4353600

F: 021 4355345

M: 086 2773466

e.mail: boats@eircom.net


We are interested in talking to people who wish to become a distributor for other countries or continents.



If you are looking for a Drascombe to be built in wood in the USA, get in touch with Ted Perry at East West Custom Boats:




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